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Индукционные котлы для отопления и горячего водоснабжения торговой марки SAV

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Экономия при эксплуатации электрического отопления

SAV – качественный и надежный профессиональный инструмент для решения задач по организации эффективного теплоснабжения и горячего водоснабжения в домах, офисах, квартирах, промышленных зданиях и сооружениях, производственных технологических процессах.

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Induction boilers SAV for provision of the necessary temperature regimes in warehouses.

One of the most important characteristics of the warehouse is the ability to provide the necessary temperature regimes. Each product has its own storage conditions, and in many ways the possibility to set the required temperature inside the warehouse is the basic characteristic when choosing a heating system. Warehousing business is not strictly regulated at the state legislative level, the requirements for warehouse activities may only sometimes be limited by the general conditions for an economic entity. However, there are a number of products for the storage of which the temperature conditions are crucial, and they can not only cause the spoilage of goods, but also entail negative consequences of various scale.

• For highly toxic substances there must be provided the storage conditions at the temperature of +15-20C.

• Abrasive tools, apart from the necessity to be sorted according to the characteristics of the material, grain size, shape, also requires the compliance with the temperature regime and acceptable humidity: depending on the type of binder, the lower temperature limit of storage varies between +5 and +15 C.

• Products made of PVC material or packed in PVC film, is not recommended to be stored at the temperature of the warehouse below +5 or above +20 C, while polyolefin film can stand temperatures below zero.

• Electrical items, wooden structures, a number of construction and finishing materials - all these and many other products require storage not only in indoor warehouses but to be maintained the required temperature range and a certain level of humidity, otherwise the materials will lose their properties.

There are also fire safety requirements concerning temperature regimes of buildings and constructions, depending on the category of the building and materials stored in them. Temperature indicator for the heat carrier of the internal heating system of all types (whether heating system or supply air system, heat gun, heat curtains, air conditioners, etc.) must be at least 20C lower than the spontaneous ignition temperature of the materials or substances stored in the building.

In accordance with the above mentioned information, it is clear that one of the key factors of any warehouse operation is not only heat supply of the warehouse for materials storage, but maintaining certain temperature and humidity regimes.

A huge advantage of induction boilers SAV is that they make possible to organize heat supply at the warehouse regardless of the availability of the district heating system. Deterioration of central heating systems at old warehouses sometimes leads to a temporary halt, which is absolutely unacceptable when storing certain kinds of goods. Therefore, to back up the operation of such warehouses it is crucial to have an alternative source of heat. Moreover, induction boilers SAV can be used for additional heating of the heat carrier.

Boilers SAV enable to realize heat supply according to the schedule, in automated regime, depending on the temperature requirements of a particular type of goods.
It is not uncommon at the warehouses when the central heating system is economically inappropriate or there is no possibility to connect to it. In such cases induction boilers SAV are merely irreplaceable as a standalone device for heat provision at the warehouse.