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Индукционные котлы для отопления и горячего водоснабжения торговой марки SAV

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SAV – качественный и надежный профессиональный инструмент для решения задач по организации эффективного теплоснабжения и горячего водоснабжения в домах, офисах, квартирах, промышленных зданиях и сооружениях, производственных технологических процессах.

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Ventilation, heating system, hot water supply of the shopping centers with the use of induction boilers SAV.

Modern development of trade and market has led to appearance of a large number of large-sized shopping centers which have become a successful alternative to small, specializing in one or more groups of goods, shops.

Operating year-round, including winter time, when a large flow of buyers makes the doors of the shopping centers work intensively, letting in and out not only buyers, but also large amounts of cold air, therefore to maintain comfortable conditions inside a large building a number of different elements of heat supply are required.

These are general heating, ventilation with air heating, air curtains at the front doors, etc. As a result, power consumption of large shopping centers amounts to megawatts. Therefore, such systems should be competently designed with the calculation of the optimal variant from the perspective of costs, thus there should be observed one important criterion – uninterrupted operation of heat supply equipment.

All these requirements to the heat supply systems of large shopping centers could be satisfied using electric induction boilers SAV. Boilers SAV - universal devices suitable for application in any engineering services systems of shopping centers – heating systems, hot water supply, ventilation, which give the possibility to fully automate the process of control over heat supply of the entire enterprise, they provide uninterrupted operation and cost-effective power consumption when implementing the following events:

• organizing of automated climate control units with the possibility of competent control over the processes of distribution and balancing of heating systems;

• organizing of heat flows outlet from a group of induction boilers;

• use of automatic heating-up of the heat carrier;

• development of automated programs for heating of the enterprise with a daily schedule application;

The benefit of induction boilers SAV use in shopping centers is the possibility of localized heating arrangement, organizing of heat supply in remote or unbuilt enterprises where central heating system is unavailable or its installation is not economically appropriate.

Boilers SAV - universal devices suitable for using in any engineering services systems of the shopping centers – heating system, hot water supply, ventilation.
Among other advantages of boilers SAV it is worth to mention the use of a single electric supply source for provision of all functions of the device, the possibility to use induction boilers as reserve or additional elements of the enterprise heating system.