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Индукционные котлы для отопления и горячего водоснабжения торговой марки SAV

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SAV – качественный и надежный профессиональный инструмент для решения задач по организации эффективного теплоснабжения и горячего водоснабжения в домах, офисах, квартирах, промышленных зданиях и сооружениях, производственных технологических процессах.

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Use of induction boilers SAV in swimming pools

When considering the issues of design and introduction of heat supply systems of swimming pools it is necessary to take into account a number of factors, among which are the following:

  • 1. The type of a swimming pool. There are several types of swimming pools depending on its outside/inside position, and this factor directly influences the power of heat supply system of this facility. In indoor swimming pools apart from the compulsory water heating, the temperature of which has to be in the range of +24…+28C, it is necessary to provide productive (with the possibility of 3-5-tuple change of air in the building) and at the same time rational system of ventilation, capable to maintain the air humidity at the level of 50-65%. The temperature of air in indoor swimming pools has to be of the water temperature regime. In outdoor off-channel swimming pools regardless of its purpose the temperature of water should exceed the temperature of indoor swimming pools by +2C. In swimming pools of combined type there is provided the availability of demountable constructions for the possibility of free access during summer time. The schedule of heating of such swimming pools is made with due consideration of the season and the temperature of the ambient air and it should provide the possibility of complete system switching-off.

  • 2. The size of the swimming pool. The project power of the heat supply system, the system of water conditioning and treatment and the system of ventilation directly depend on the size of the swimming pool.

  • 3. Seasoning of the swimming pool work.

  • 4. Availability of supplementary premises. Off-channel swimming pools for public use generally have a number of auxiliary, complimentary and utility premises, which as well need to be maintained correspondent parameters of temperature and humidity of air. Those are shower cabins, cloakrooms, drying chambers, sanitary facilities, rest rooms, technical premises and many others. Some of them, apart from air heating and ventilation, should provide hot water supply.

  • 5. The required degree of automation of the swimming pool maintenance. Automated system of heat supply control of swimming pools enables to reach the efficiency of control and considerable economy of energy resources. Thanks to connection of boilers to personal computers or acquiring boilers with programming system and automated control of the equipment it is possible to provide exact calculation of time and regimes of heating, the required power of heating, the possibility of informing about the necessary parameters by means of mobile communication or Internet, system control through remote access and so on. The computer not only implements the programmed regimes, but makes possible to keep track of the state of the main indices, remind of the necessity to treat the water or completely replace it.

  • 6. Purpose of the swimming pool. Temperature regimes of the heat supply and water heating system should also be adjusted according to such a factor as the purpose of the swimming pool. If for usual indoor swimming pools the temperature of the water should be in the range of +24…+28C, and for outdoor - +26….30C, than for example the lowest level water temperature for practicing water sports may be +20C.

Boilers SAV are used for different purposes: adjustment and maintenance of temperature and humidity regimes of water and air, control of filling regimes, ventilation. On the basis of boilers SAV it is possible to realize both autonomous projects (including localized placement in different premises of the swimming pools), and projects combined with other heat supply schemes.
Environmental friendliness of induction boilers SAV is an important factor for introduction of the equipment at such facilities as swimming pools.